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Renée Tomlin - Pro Triathlete

If you want to make it at the highest level as an athlete, you have to invest in your muscles and their repair.

- Renée Tomlin

As a pro triathlete, Renée Tomlin needs the strength to push through nearly a mile of swimming, 24.8 miles of biking and 6.2 miles of running in a row on race day. No, that’s not a typo! Those lengthy race distances are a big reason why she added BiPro to her workout routine a few years ago; it’s helped her get stronger without bulking up. For Tomlin, stronger means recovering faster and optimizing the adaptation the workout offers physiologically.  

“If you’re a serious athlete and are training so much per day, your muscles are breaking down and your body needs something to restore them,” Tomlin said. “BiPro hasn’t bulked me up. It’s helped keep me strong.”

Aside from a run, bike or swim workout, Tomlin spends a lot of time stretching and doing strength training exercises to develop her core. Some of Tomlin’s moves include reps of overhead squats and lunges, high box step ups and side planks with a knee raise-to-chest movement. Her routine, developed by leaders within the Australian Institute of Sport, is dynamic and body-weight centralized. In addition, Tomlin also likes to work her abs for 10 minutes and then do myrtl exercises to help with flexibility, hip and glute strength.

Renée Tomlin's BiPro Recommendation