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Jenna Matz, college gymnastics coach

Now that I’ve lost all of the baby weight, I still drink protein smoothies for extra nutrition, to tackle all of my daily activities.

- Jenna

After gaining weight during my pregnancy, it didn’t all just disappear after my daughter was born as I had hoped. Before I knew it, she was almost one, and I still wasn't back to my pre-pregnancy weight. As a college gymnastics coach, I’m often around people in the best shape of their lives, and it was hard that I didn’t feel good too.

So, for my new year’s resolution this past January I decided to do something about it; I was going get myself back into shape as well.  I've always known that having a protein smoothie for breakfast was a better option than bagels (who doesn’t love carbs?!), but I was slow to make the switch. You know what though? That easy switch is all it took for me to get where I wanted to be. I start my day off with a smoothie that includes a scoop of BiPro protein. I’ve finally lost those last few pounds, and I am back to fitting in my skinny jeans.

Jenna's BiPro Recommendation