Berry Freezer Pops

Berry Freezer Pops

  • Preparation Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 2 hours
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1 bottle Berry Burst BiPro Protein Water
1 packet Raspberry flavored drink mix (single serve size)
1½ Tbsp Sugar*
Fresh berries, optional


  1. Mix all ingredients together until drink mix and sugar are fully dissolved.
  2. Place a few berries in each popsicle mold, if desired.
  3. Fill molds with berry mixture.
  4. Freeze 2 hours or until frozen.

Note: Nutrition content will change with size of popsicle molds. Adding fruit will also alter nutrition content.

*Drink mix and sugar are added to enhance flavor and keep the popsicle from becoming too hard when frozen. Other flavor enhancers (powders, drops) can be used as desired.

Peach Power or Lemon BiPro Protein Water can also be used with complementary flavor enhancers and sugar.

Dietary Exchanges

½ Very Lean Meat

Nutrient Content Claims

Fat Free

Saturated Fat Free

Cholesterol Free

Very Low Sodium

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