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Protein Packed Toast

26-30 Grams


  • 1/2 cup Cottage Cheese
  • 1/4 scoop BiPro BOLD Boldly Bare or BiPro ELITE Unflavored
  • 1 Scrambled or Fried Egg
  • 1 Piece Whole Wheat Bread
  • 1 tsp Olive Oil
  • Salt + Pepper to taste


  1. Coat a frying pan with 1 tsp olive oil or use a non-stick pan. Add the egg. 
  2. While egg is cooking, mix cottage cheese and protein powder until well combined
  3. Toast the whole wheat bread
  4. Spread a generous layer of cottage cheese on toast and top with cooked egg
  5. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and/or other seasonings if desired 

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