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Will & Janelle Adams, IMMABEAST

You're going to fail, it's part of starting something new. Always remember, be bold, be you.

- Will & Janelle Adams,


Recently making Mr & Mrs official, Will and Janelle Adams embody the definition of a power couple. Both led an ambitious young life with dreams of finding their place in the choreography, dance and music scene. The two ultimately found love in one another and to no one's surprise, became industry legends by co-founding the ImmaBEAST co. in 2013. Immabeast has become a leading hip hop brand and continues to have a resounding influence in the world of the dance


Will and Janelle are dancers, choreographers, and entrepreneurs. Their business ventures have led them to various achievements with the likes of Glee, MTV, Nike, Nicki Minaj, Usher, and more. They have built reknown dance platforms such as The Beast Network, ImmaSpace as well as the BuildaBeast Experience (BABE).


Mind & Body

Building an empire and helping countless aspiring dancers chase their dreams doesn't happen without hurdles. The every day execution of ImmaBEAST revolves around the mentality of constantly evolving. When things don't go as planned, Will & Janelle are champions of getting back up and finding a way to persevere, both in business and life. Two individuals that lead their lives with kindness and the desire share their successes and talent with the world.

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