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Rory MacDonald

It gives me peace of mind and confidence to use BiPro because they are NSF for Sport Certified®. It’s just that extra confidence in the product that its natural, it’s pure; that what’s on the label is what you’re really taking in.

- Rory


Rory was the typical Canadian born hockey kid until he found the sport of mixed marital arts. From the time he found MMA at age 14, he has curated his lifestyle, focus, and body to reach elite world champion status. His respectable and kind demeanor helps to make Rory the successful businessman and family man he is today; his unrelenting drive to train and test himself makes him an intimidating force in the world of MMA.


Beginning to train only two years prior, Rory first started competing professionally in 2005 at age 16. MacDonald is the reigning Bellator Welterweight champion and has a record of 20-5-0 going into his next fight to defend his title in early 2019


Mind & Body

MMA training is very intense — every day, sometimes twice a day— Monday through Saturday. Rory has always relished in this; being first one on the mats and the last one to leave. He has a no nonsense attitude for training and nutrition - leaning towards options that are pure, simple and proven. His focus on the task at hand and honing in on the true warrior spirit, makes him the most dangerous kind of fighter.

He understands the glory in defeating himself and challenging himself to the unknown.

Rory's BiPro Recommendation