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Chris Freytag

I’m mildly obsessed with sharing all I know with you and want to help you get healthy and feel beautiful each and every day. To me, this means taking care of yourself for your long-term health, not to fit into a certain dress size or live up to an ideal painted for us by the media

- Chris Freytag

Say "hello" to Chris Freytag, founder of Get Healthy U!

Chris has been a fitness addict pretty much her whole life. At a young age, she discovered that movement made her feel good and it’s been a part of her mission for the last 25+ years to help others experience what it means to feel good, be happy and love life.

Chris has also been studying nutrition and food for most of her life. She not only believes, but knows that what you eat affects your physical and mental health.

Being her 50s, Chris knows the struggles of fighting against nature. She don’t love the grey hairs, wrinkles and aging skin, but loves and appreciates her body more now than in her past. She is okay with imperfections and feeling good about who she is. Chris is aware of her strengths and accepting of her weaknesses, and is always willing to work on them. Age makes people more attractive in so many ways because of how they have developed on the inside and less of what’s on the outside. And she is here to help you feel great in your own skin and live your most fit life.

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Jordan Hasay

I'm very thankful to have found this product and hope that other runners will embrace the power that BiPro and strength training can give you

- Jordan Hasay


The Boston Marathon is one of most prestigious races in the world; and for BiPro Ambassador Jordan Hasay, it will mark her competitive running comeback.  As the 2019 Boston Marathon approaches on April 15th, Jordan prepares for her return to the world stage.  Throughout her career, which stretches over a decade, Jordan has established an impressive resume; from being named the Girls High School Athlete of the Year by Track and Field News in 2008 to her 18 All-American honors during her time at Oregon State. 


In Jordan’s 2017 marathon debut, she placed third in the Boston Marathon with a time of 2:23:00, just 10 seconds behind the second-place finisher.  She then followed up that fall with a third-place finish at the 2017 Chicago Marathon with a time of 2:20:57.


Knowing when and how to reignite herself as a competing pro marathoner has been a balanced calculation. Sidelined with an injury through most of 2018 Jordan used her recovery period as a time of reflection.  Now, two years after her first marathon appearance, Jordan’s focus shifts from recovery to crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon; where she is a solid contender to place in the top of the field.  As Jordan would tell you, it is all about making strides.

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Kris Chrisp

BiPro helps maintain muscle mass and leaves me feeling really lean and strong #cleanprotein"

- Kris


Kris is a go-getter that wakes up every day hustling in the name of his young family and fitness. As a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Bachelors in Sports Science, Kris, has spent his life sculpting elite athletes into their best possible physical forms. Kris's expertise has now extended into building lifestyle plans for career, travel, and family oriented clients — creating means for them to live their best lives.


Kris first grew his training status by helping elite Olympic athletes achieve optimal results in San Diego, California. His strong background in sports rehabilitation, muscular imbalance corrections, movement specialist, functional training and performance optimization have enabled him to be the in-demand training guru for a variety of prominent, athletes in the ATL (Atlanta, GA).

Mind & Body

When working with clients, Kris likes to instill in their minds that understanding the struggle is step one in finding the strength to push through. When you train hard, it's difficult, you're going get tired, your going to want to quit. Finding the motivation that lives within the heart of each of his clients is how he ultimately helps them find success.

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Katie Kirckof & Tom Speer

I love my family but we are so crazy busy! When it comes to nutrition, it has to taste good, be versatile, and convenient — major bonus points if its something we can enjoy together.

- Katie


Katie is the mom, wife and business owner many little girls dream of growing up to be! With an eye for beauty and a vibrant soul, Katie became a makeup artist, boutique owner and founder of GLAM Beauty Lounge makeup line. She married the love of her life Tommy Speer, UFC vet, and is the proud momma of two beautiful children, 5 year old Jonny and baby Marshal.


The Kirckof/Speer bunch is busy, busy, busy — making life fun and exciting! Their balance is based on keeping the household peaceful & loving and their businesses running strong. Even more so, the need to make sure they have the energy, strength and stamina to enjoy it all!

Mind & Body

Tommy, husband, father and former MMA fighter, introduced Katie to BiPro® as a nutrition tool he'd been utilizing for himself for years.
Now, if you've spoken to Katie, you'd know her philosophy in life is to LIVE it. So when it comes to nutrition for her family she had a few requirements:

  • Clean labels: so she doesn't have to second guess them
  • Convenience: because time is precious — so quick. easy recipes and on-the-go options reign supreme
  • Flavor: because even though it's healthy, she still wants to make all the delicious things!

Katie's BiPro Recommendation

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Jordan Below

I try to keep it simple, eating what makes me feel good. This typically means avoiding too much sugar and eating high quality foods and supplements.

- Jordan


Raised on a farm in Waseca, MN, Jordan's childhood was filled with nature and physical activity. Current day, Jordan lives a diverse life in which he has a successful career as a Senior Analyst, is an inspiring photographer, a trainer and successful competitive Crossfit Champion.


During college, Jordan became fascinated in the science behind athletic performance, both mainstream and fringe. It was on this fringe that Jordan found CrossFit; translating today into a successful titleholder and trainer.

Mind & Body

Having tested a variety of nutritional philosophies over the years, Jordan's resolve has led him to a simpler approach to nutrition — eating what makes his body and mind feel good, focusing on quality and minimal ingredients. His profound mind, body approach to wellness and recovery keeps him focused on managing stress and taking the time to down-regulate with breath work, meditation and deep, quality sleep.

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