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Reilly Brown

One of the most consistently lacking — and most important — nutrients in my clients' diets is protein. With it being such an important nutrient, protein should be a priority for active individuals.
BiPro is one of the cleanest and best tasting proteins I have used and regularly recommend.

- Reilly Brown


Ever since she was a young, Reilly has loved all things food and sports related. Along with being the head sports dietitian in the California State University, Northridge Athletic Department, Reilly runs her own business under the name Reilly B Sports RD where she helps clients of all levels across the United States.


Reilly grew up a competitive soccer player and competed at the college level at the University of Georgia and North Carolina State University. Now a retired athlete, Reilly stays active by doing HIIT workouts, yoga, Crossfit and running!

Mind & Body

Unfortunately, Reilly's athletic career was riddled with injury. Learning from her experience, she believes that many of the injuries she experienced could have been avoided had she utilized food to fuel properly early on. Reilly is extremely passionate about helping active retired athletes learn more about how they can now utilize food to fuel an active lifestyle and helping college athletes fuel to perform at an extremely competitive level.

Reilly Brown's BiPro Recommendation