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Kris Chrisp

BiPro helps maintain muscle mass and leaves me feeling really lean and strong #cleanprotein"

- Kris


Kris is a go-getter that wakes up every day hustling in the name of his young family and fitness. As a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Bachelors in Sports Science, Kris, has spent his life sculpting elite athletes into their best possible physical forms. Kris's expertise has now extended into building lifestyle plans for career, travel, and family oriented clients — creating means for them to live their best lives.


Kris first grew his training status by helping elite Olympic athletes achieve optimal results in San Diego, California. His strong background in sports rehabilitation, muscular imbalance corrections, movement specialist, functional training and performance optimization have enabled him to be the in-demand training guru for a variety of prominent, athletes in the ATL (Atlanta, GA).

Mind & Body

When working with clients, Kris likes to instill in their minds that understanding the struggle is step one in finding the strength to push through. When you train hard, it's difficult, you're going get tired, your going to want to quit. Finding the motivation that lives within the heart of each of his clients is how he ultimately helps them find success.

Kris's BiPro Recommendation