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Katie Kirckof & Tom Speer

I love my family but we are so crazy busy! When it comes to nutrition, it has to taste good, be versatile, and convenient — major bonus points if its something we can enjoy together.

- Katie


Katie is the mom, wife and business owner many little girls dream of growing up to be! With an eye for beauty and a vibrant soul, Katie became a makeup artist, boutique owner and founder of GLAM Beauty Lounge makeup line. She married the love of her life Tommy Speer, UFC vet, and is the proud momma of two beautiful children, 5 year old Jonny and baby Marshal.


The Kirckof/Speer bunch is busy, busy, busy — making life fun and exciting! Their balance is based on keeping the household peaceful & loving and their businesses running strong. Even more so, the need to make sure they have the energy, strength and stamina to enjoy it all!

Mind & Body

Tommy, husband, father and former MMA fighter, introduced Katie to BiPro® as a nutrition tool he'd been utilizing for himself for years.
Now, if you've spoken to Katie, you'd know her philosophy in life is to LIVE it. So when it comes to nutrition for her family she had a few requirements:

  • Clean labels: so she doesn't have to second guess them
  • Convenience: because time is precious — so quick. easy recipes and on-the-go options reign supreme
  • Flavor: because even though it's healthy, she still wants to make all the delicious things!

Katie's BiPro Recommendation