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Jordan Hasay

I'm very thankful to have found this product and hope that other runners will embrace the power that BiPro and strength training can give you

- Jordan Hasay


The Boston Marathon is one of most prestigious races in the world; and for BiPro Ambassador Jordan Hasay, it will mark her competitive running comeback.  As the 2019 Boston Marathon approaches on April 15th, Jordan prepares for her return to the world stage.  Throughout her career, which stretches over a decade, Jordan has established an impressive resume; from being named the Girls High School Athlete of the Year by Track and Field News in 2008 to her 18 All-American honors during her time at Oregon State. 


In Jordan’s 2017 marathon debut, she placed third in the Boston Marathon with a time of 2:23:00, just 10 seconds behind the second-place finisher.  She then followed up that fall with a third-place finish at the 2017 Chicago Marathon with a time of 2:20:57.


Knowing when and how to reignite herself as a competing pro marathoner has been a balanced calculation. Sidelined with an injury through most of 2018 Jordan used her recovery period as a time of reflection.  Now, two years after her first marathon appearance, Jordan’s focus shifts from recovery to crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon; where she is a solid contender to place in the top of the field.  As Jordan would tell you, it is all about making strides.

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