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Jordan Below

I try to keep it simple, eating what makes me feel good. This typically means avoiding too much sugar and eating high quality foods and supplements.

- Jordan


Raised on a farm in Waseca, MN, Jordan's childhood was filled with nature and physical activity. Current day, Jordan lives a diverse life in which he has a successful career as a Senior Analyst, is an inspiring photographer, a trainer and successful competitive Crossfit Champion.


During college, Jordan became fascinated in the science behind athletic performance, both mainstream and fringe. It was on this fringe that Jordan found CrossFit; translating today into a successful titleholder and trainer.

Mind & Body

Having tested a variety of nutritional philosophies over the years, Jordan's resolve has led him to a simpler approach to nutrition — eating what makes his body and mind feel good, focusing on quality and minimal ingredients. His profound mind, body approach to wellness and recovery keeps him focused on managing stress and taking the time to down-regulate with breath work, meditation and deep, quality sleep.

Jordan's BiPro Recommendation