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BRF-Apex Racing

Keeping myself together with this level of physical demand year after year is crazy. BiPro has been an instrumental part of that process.
Team President Chris Stevens
The BiPro community is filled with dedication and connected by the drive to live our best lives.

It’s a lifestyle that’s better demonstrated than described. The zeal shines bright in members of Big Ring Flyers-Apex Cycling.

“We have one thing in common and that’s incredible passion across all things in life,” said Team President Chris Stevens.

The 12-member cycling team is based in New Richmond, WI. They participate in races covering a variety of formats across the Midwest and beyond. You’ll find members pushing hard toward the finish line through mud, snow or even mountainous terrain. They use BiPro to help keep their bodies in shape.

The team -- composed of six men and six women -- is in it for the journey more than any trophies.

“You won’t just see us at the front of races, but spread evenly throughout,” Stevens said. “We aren’t all the most gifted in terms of cycling talent, but we are driven to get the most out of ourselves and inspire others to do the same.”

In January, BRF-Apex Cycling hosted the 2022 Fat Bike World Championships, which brought the best in off-road cycling to New Richmond for a three-day party. The main event in the weekend series was a 25-mile race through wooded areas and over snow-covered hills and valleys. Fat bikes – notable by their oversized tires -- are built to take riders across all types of terrain.

For the Apex crew, success in any individual race is a short-term goal. Stevens said the long-term goal is to get the most from their bodies and maintain healthy lifestyles. The sport requires remarkable endurance. The demands of training and competing require clean, high-quality fuel, and BRF-Apex Cycling has found what they need in BiPro.

Team member Wendy Stocker turns to BiPro ELITE vanilla and berry BiPro Protein Water to meet her recovery needs.

Stevens likes unflavored BiPro ELITE, which he’s included in smoothies every day for more than five years. He’s also fond of orange BiPro Protein Water.

“I have been known to hit a BiPro Protein Water about 20 minutes from the end of a very hard, very long ride in order to jump start the recovery process,” he said.

Stevens has biked more than 102,000 miles over the last five years. He gives credit to BiPro for the ability to go beyond what many would consider possible.

“Keeping myself together with this level of physical demand year after year is crazy,” he said. “BiPro has been an instrumental part of that process.”

Team President Chris Stevens's BiPro Recommendation