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Chris Freytag

I’m mildly obsessed with sharing all I know with you and want to help you get healthy and feel beautiful each and every day. To me, this means taking care of yourself for your long-term health, not to fit into a certain dress size or live up to an ideal painted for us by the media

- Chris Freytag

Name: Chris Freytag

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

What does “healthy life” mean to you? Healthy life means healthy habits. It means eating healthy, exercising and working on a positive mindset.

Family: I’ve been married for 32 years and have three grown children, ages 30, 28 and 25. I love dogs and have a golden retriever.

Occupation: Health and fitness expert and founder of Get Healthy U TV, an online resource that features workout videos, health tips and fitness inspiration.

What do you love about what you do? I love healthy living and I love moving my body. It makes me feel strong mentally and physically. I also love helping people. When I hear someone say, “Hey Chris, I started working out with you and it changed my life,” or “You helped me lose weight” -- that makes me feel great. The more you know, the better you do. Knowledge is power, and a lot of people don’t take care of themselves because they don’t know how.

Favorite fitness/workout tip? I have a couple. Start with baby steps. If you’re new to exercise, a lot of people start with too much and end up sore, injured or discouraged. Your body needs to acclimate, and the same is true with healthy eating. Allow yourself to be a beginner. Also, there’s no shame in the modify game. Too many people have an all or nothing attitude. If you can’t do a pushup on your toes, start on your knees. Finally, strength training is the key to healthy aging. It’s the key to metabolism and mobility. It’s the key to being independent as you get older. If there’s a magic bullet, it’s strength training.

What do you like to do in your free time? I love to be outdoors. I love walking and hiking -- everything about outdoor activities. I also love to read nonfiction. I love self-help books, books about motivation.

Career Goals: I’m 56, and people have asked me about when I plan to retire. Do I have to retire? As long as I can move, I can continue to motivate people and I plan to continue helping people along their health journeys.

Two interesting facts:
Personal: I’m obsessed with music and know the lyrics to every song. I’m always listening to music and I love to go concerts.
Career: I don’t think that many people know that I’m an author. I’ve written three books and two cookbooks. I’m proud of that and it was a big deal to me.

What BiPro product do you recommend? Favorite BiPro product? I’m a daily user of BiPro ELITE. I use it for my post-workout routine. It’s easy on the stomach, tastes great and its high in leucine. I recommend it to everyone who’s looking for a clean whey protein.

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