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BiPro USA Introduces Auto-ship Order Program and Launches Apparel Site

July 23rd, 2014

(Eden Prairie, MN) BiPro USA introduces an exciting new auto-ship program which allows customers the convenience of having their favorite protein delivered to their home or business at their desired frequency. This auto-ship order program allows customers to track their past purchases and monitor new ones to ensure that they don’t over or under order their favorite products.
Customers are also able to cancel at any time, without pressure. BiPro USA’s auto-ship program is a user-friendly tool that allows them to personally manage their program.

If you consume BiPro on a regular basis you should consider auto-ship. BiPro USA will automatically resupply you with product on a regular basis. You get the convenience of always having just what you need when you need it.

“We understand that life is busy, and remembering exactly what to order each month can be a hassle.” said Dan Mackenzie-Olson, Executive Sales “Since BiPro is offered via our online store it was important for us to develop a convenient way for our customers to always have their protein of choice on hand.”

BiPro USA is also pleased to announce the launch of the BiPro logoed apparel site

Getting clothing and accessories for a workout is now easier than ever, with the launch of BiPro’s logoed apparel shopping cart! This high quality apparel is available at BiPro on the apparel tab. “We are excited to offer this new apparel category that encourages and enables customers to be ready for their daily adventures.” said Aimee Krengel, Marketing Manager. “This new shopping cart includes shirts, pants, outerwear, gym accessories and promotional items.”

For more information and to purchase BiPro whey protein isolate visit, BiPro USA .
BiPro is endorsed by the Whey Protein Institute , which promotes the health benefits of whey protein.