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BiPro USA announces On-The-Go and Single Serving Convenient Package Sizes for BiPro flavors

July 21st, 2014


(Eden Prairie, MN) BiPro USA now offers two new convenient on-the-go consumer package sizes. Chocolate and French Vanilla BiPro whey protein isolate will be now available in the 1 lb. jar and a convenient 14 packet On-the-Go box.

BiPro’s new flavors with on-the-go sizes will easily fit into your gym bag for a post-workout shake. BiPro whey protein isolate provides the direct protein source your body needs after exercise. Chocolate and French Vanilla BiPro, 1 lb. jars contain 18 servings per container each serving size is 25g and contains 20g of protein.

“Consumers who purchase the on-the-go unflavored BiPro have been requesting the Chocolate and French Vanilla BiPro in convenient pack sizes. These single serve packets are perfect for business trips and vacations. BiPro On-the-Go boxes contain 14 single serve packets in 1 convenient package.” Explains Aimee Krengel, Marketing Manager.

BiPro French Vanilla, whey protein isolate is fat free, sugar free, low carbs, naturally flavored, contains only 90 calories and is NSF Certified for Sport®.
BiPro Chocolate, whey protein isolate is low fat, naturally flavored, made with real cocoa, contains only 100 calories and is NSF Certified for Sport®.

BiPro will continue to offer unflavored 1 lb. containers of whey protein isolate powder. Unflavored BiPro has zero carbs, no fat, no sugar, and is lactose-free. BiPro, unflavored, mixes easily into your favorite beverage or recipe. Unflavored BiPro has become the gold standard for clean labeled whey protein.

For more information and to purchase BiPro whey protein isolate visit BiPro USA
BiPro is endorsed by the Whey Protein Institute , which promotes all the health benefits of whey protein.