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BiPro® Website Now Mobile Friendly

Contact: Jack Satzinger

Eden Prairie, Minn.BiPro USA, business unit of Agropur inc., today announced its website is mobile friendly. Now protein lovers can learn about one of the purest whey proteins available from their smartphones and tablets.

The addition of a mobile website will make it easier than ever for people to access BiPro’s high-quality products from just about anywhere.

“Creating a mobile website is a considerable accomplishment. It makes BiPro more accessible to the world’s growing number of mobile users,” said Aimee Krengel, marketing manager at BiPro USA. “Customers will be very excited to know that they can now engage with and learn about our products on the go.”

Even people with incredibly busy schedules will now have time to order lean, clean, protein no matter where they are. The mobile website features an intuitive drop-down menu that makes navigating from BiPro’s blog to its recipes and products a cinch.

Check out BiPro’s recent video to see What’s In Your Whey and whip out your smartphone or tablet to learn more about one of the purest whey proteins on the market.