Brand Ambassador Program

Brand Ambassador Program


BiPro + Your School = A Winning Team

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Discover a new way to raise money and bring nutrition to your organization and school.


Let’s face it, fundraising is a pain!  Our nation’s youth programs are under increased financial pressure, which means an increase in the amount of time spent fundraising and less time spent enjoying the organized activities students have signed up for. BiPro’s brand ambassador program is not only designed to make fundraising less of a pain, but to boost nutrition by supplying an increase in protein, an ever important nutrient.


What’s BiPro?


BiPro is an all natural whey protein isolate made from milk. BiPro is one of the highest quality proteins available, with 2.5g of leucine. BiPro naturally contains branched chain amino acids, proven to be the building block for lean muscles.


BiPro is trusted and used by elite athletes worldwide, including Brandon Ingram, Larry Nance Jr., Jordan Hasay and Ben Leber.

Trainer’s Table

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Ben Leber – Former Pro Football Player


Ben Leber explains why it’s Important to educate kids on proper protein and nutrition.




Chad Greenway – Pro Football Player


Why does Chad Greenway choose BiPro?




Grant Sides – Pro Baseball Player


“I started using BiPro after my first off season in professional baseball. My diet and meals were generally good but I had been consuming a whey protein high in sugars and carbs. Now, that alone might have been okay from time to time. However, if you are a smoothie junky like me, then mixing a whey protein of that nature into a fruit-loaded smoothie like many people do was not a great idea.”

Alicia Kendig – Dietitian


“When traveling with my athletes worldwide, its my job to make sure they have the energy and fuel to maintain their high performing body compositions and strength. For this reason, I don’t ever leave home without the unflavored BiPro whey protein isolate packets. BiPro makes extremely high quality whey protein isolate that I use in smoothies and energy bar recipes for fueling and recovery. I feel confident that my athletes are getting what they need to perform at their best in a pure, and safe form, even when traveling and on the go.”



Please call us at 1.877.MyBiPro (692.4776) or send us an email at if you have any questions or would like more information about our fundraising programs.