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Whey Protein Cookbook | BiPro USA
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Whey protein at the top in nutritional quality
There are plenty of protein options on the market, but like all products, they vary in quality.
Recipe Contest Winner, Strawberry Smoothie
Today, we’re going to feature Amy’s Strawberry Smoothie recipe. It sounds so delicious and refreshing – The perfect snack after a tough workout!
11/05/2010 - The Science of BiPro Whey Protein
Bottom line – We love BiPro and I know many of you do too. It really gets us moving in the morning and helps keep us energized throughout the day. But do you know what makes BiPro whey protein isolate different? "Read more":http://www.biprousa.com/blog/view/the-science-of-bipro
11/03/2010 - What to Wear for Winter Workouts
This weekend, we turn the clocks back in a return to Standard Time. Saying goodbye to Daylight Savings Time means more than just less sun during the day… "Read more":http://www.biprousa.com/blog/view/november-3-2010-winter-workouts
How Much Protein Do You Need?
Remember elementary school when the teacher talked about how everyone is different (hair color, eye color, gender…), and without our differences the world would be a very boring place? Well, the same can be said about whey protein and the amount you need to consume to get the right amount of protein for your body!
Volleyball and Whey Protein
It’s no surprise energy and endurance are keys to success on the volleyball court. Isn’t it cool to watch how quickly players can get to the net, spike a ball or block a shot? And the matches can be long! The players need a lot of stamina to handle multiple sets.
Why Whey Protein For Women?
It’s amazing. We went through high school without a single blemish, but as we get older, our skin becomes less cooperative. Pimples, zits, irritations…call them what you will – they are nuisances. If you can relate, here’s something you might not know: instead of investing in skin creams and makeup, invest in whey protein!
Recover Whey Faster!
There is no denying that we put our bodies through some major stress when we workout. We push our bodies to be better, faster and stronger, so it is no surprise that we sometimes end up injuring our muscles in the process. Sprained, strained and torn muscles are battle wounds endured by most every athlete.
Work Up a Sweat With Unconventional Cardio
Get those hips swinging! Today is National Hula Hoop Day! This product, introduced in the 1950’s, is back and better than ever!
BiPro Responds to Consumer Reports
We have received TONS of calls and emails regarding whether or not BiPro whey protein isolate is free of heavy metals. Below is a statement we want all of our customers to be sure to read:
BiPro Whey Protein Recipe Pairings
Looking for more ways to consume BiPro whey protein isolate? We put together an infographic that has quick and easy protein recipes that require little to no cooking.

How to Use Protein Powder So You Actually Benefit From It

Learn how to get the best results for your protein. 

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