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Making Your Resolutions A Permanent Change

Four easy tips to make goal-setting simple and less stressful!

1. Be realistic. 

Setting goals that aren’t attainable within a reasonable time frame or under realistic circumstances only sets you up for failure. Make sure you start small with your goals so you feel accomplished along the way.

2. Share your goal on social media.

Putting yourself out there and opening yourself to the comments of others is hard. It can be scary but often rewarding. Communicating your goals with a partner, friend, or colleague will hold you accountable and provide encouragement. Sharing your ideas with a close confidant will motivate you because this person believes in you and your abilities.

3. Sign up for a monthly subscription.

Struggling to stay on top of everything? Take some of the work off yourself by considering a subscription box. A subscription box is a weekly, monthly, or quarterly package that automatically delivers to your home. BiPro has monthly subscription options and you can shop for them here. Or if you need a meal prep kit, there are many varieties for different diets and nutritional needs. 

4. Reward yourself.

Take pride in sticking to your plan and making positive changes. If you’re aiming to lose weight, buy yourself new workout shoes once you hit your first goal. Positive reinforcement will keep you focused.