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Making the Most out of an Indoor Workout

Dust Off those DVDs

Warm summer weather lets us enjoy outdoor runs and workouts, but now it’s time to dust off those videos and sweat it out in the comfort of our living rooms! It’s hard to make excuses when all you need is 20 minutes at home to get in your daily fitness. Break out your tried and true videos or try something completely new! Workout routines and videos are now available on many “on-demand” networks, and affordable DVDs are available for purchase at many retailers.

Body-weight Workout

If workout videos aren’t your thing, you may want to try a body-weight or Tabata workout. Body-weight workouts can help build core muscles, balance, and overall body strength – and require no extra equipment! Tabata workouts are similar to body-weight workouts, but with an intense interval training component.

Make Fitness Fun for the Family

Make fitness a part of your family’s routine by finding ways to connect while burning off a few calories. Break out the Wii for a tennis competition or Wii Fit obstacle course challenge or show off your dance moves with the Just Dance video game. If you’re looking for an excuse to limit screen time – have a dance party before dinner!

Give Kettlebells a Go

Don’t let kettlebells intimidate you! A quick kettlebell workout can help build muscles, tone tummies, and burn calories. Kettlebell classes are offered at many gyms but are also easy to incorporate in the leisure of your home. Be sure to follow safety guidelines or watch instructional videos before practicing on your own – or even take an intro class to make sure you get your technique just right!