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Let’s get rolling

For some, it’s a mode of transportation. For others, it’s a great option for a little weekend fun. With some drive and persistence, the bicycle can also be an excellent tool to help you reach your fitness goals. Hop on and get those pedals moving.

Bicycling provides an excellent low-impact workout and a great hobby that can be enjoyed at any age. While getting started on any new fitness regimen can take some trial and error, experts say just a few considerations will have new cyclists gliding down the path toward better health.

Chris Stevens, president of the Big Ring Flyers-Apex Cycling team, said patience is the most important attribute when making the shift from casual or infrequent cycling to more intense activity.

BRF-Apex is 12-member cycling team is based in New Richmond, WI. They participate in a variety of race formats across the Midwest and beyond.

All of us would love immediate results when working toward better health. However, working harder than our bodies can handle will only lead to setbacks. It’s important to increase time and distance slowly and steadily, Stevens said.

“Don’t try to go from riding once a week to riding 300 miles in a week,” he said. “You’ll pay the price with injury or burnout. Take it slow. The body is ridiculously adaptable, but it takes time.”

It’s also important to have a great time on your bike whether racking up a few miles or many more. Those who enjoy their workout regimens are far more likely to stick with them. Stevens encourages some experimentation.

“There are lots of different opportunities in cycling,” Stevens said. “Find out what kind of cycling you enjoy most.”

If you’re new to cycling, a general-purpose bike capable of traveling on most surfaces is probably the best bet. As cyclists start to figure out what they enjoy, many move on to specialized bikes built for a specific terrain. Dedicated road bikes, for instance, will offer greater speed on paved surfaces while mountain bikes will perform better on rocky trails. Once you find your passion, purchase the right bike to suit your activity.

As far as building endurance, every rider is different, and no standard guidelines apply. The process differs depending on age, gender and even prior athletic background.

Stevens said it’s crucial to listen to your body. Do what feels good and make sure you’re building in adequate recovery time. If you’re experiencing chronic fatigue, it’s a sure sign that you’re pushing too hard.

“If you’re mindful of your body and resting and recovering appropriately, you’re going to have a lot more success, he said.

As a final piece of advice, Stevens recommends BiPro to fuel your progress.

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