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Jump into a workout

Often, the best way to jump start our fitness routines is to try something fresh and enjoyable. No one ever said your workout couldn’t be fun.

Take a cue from your younger self: grab a rope, find your rhythm and put some space between your shoes and the floor.

Jumping rope is a surefire way to move you closer to your fitness goals. While jump ropes might evoke memories of recess, rhymes and the grade school playground, it doesn’t mean it’s a childish activity. To the contrary, you’re bound to get an unbelievable workout.

There are few workouts more practical. For all the pricey cardio machines on the market, a suitable jump rope starts at only a few dollars. It’s as lightweight and portable as it is inexpensive. You can keep your equipment tucked right inside your gym bag.

It’s also one of the best – and most efficient – cardio workouts you can get. Continuous jumping elevates your heart rate and gets your blood flowing, which strengthens your heart and increases your lung function.

Jumping rope can help you make a leap in your weight loss efforts. A 200-pound individual could burn up to 362 calories from 20 minutes of jumping rope quickly, or 241 calories when jumping rope at a slower pace.

There’s more to gain than some great cardio sessions. Continual jumping will strengthen your calf muscles and increase the elasticity in your lower legs, which will help to prevent injurises. It’s a full-body workout. Jumping works your lower body muscles, abdominal muscles and your upper body.

The pacing and rhythm of jumping rope can help improve your coordination. It can also help you improve your cognitive function. Jumping rope involves learning new motor patterns, which improves the nervous system communication between your brain, wrists and lower leg muscles.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the fun factor. It’s far easier to continue our workouts when it’s something we enjoy. There’s a good reason that jump ropes have been staples of the playground across generations. It’s a simple as it gets: get a rope, find some space and get moving.

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