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Just Add Water

There are few better places than the swimming pool for chilling out on a scorching hot summer day.

While there’s nothing wrong with a little fun and relaxation, the pool can also provide a tremendous workout that touches every muscle in your body.

Olympic Medalist Erika Brown said even novices can gain all the great health benefits of swimming with a little patience, some practice and dedication.

Brown began competitive swimming at 10 years old at her YMCA. Today, she holds silver and bronze medals from the 2020 Olympic Games. She’s a former American record holder and a collegiate national champion at the University of Tennessee. She was named the 2020 SEC Female Swimmer of the Year.

“I didn’t love swimming at first,” she said, “but after a couple of weeks, I fell in love with the competitive nature of the sport and working at getting better every day. It became a very important part of my life.”

Not everyone will become an elite, international competitor. Yet all people can use swimming to get stronger, feel better and experience some pride as improvement unfolds.

Brown urges novice swimmers to keep at it – even if the progress comes slowly. No athletic activity offers instant success.

“When I try running with my sisters, I can’t keep up,” Brown said. That’s OK because I’m not a runner. Patience is super important.”

For those who haven’t used swimming for exercise, Brown encourages some acclimation to the pool before pushing ahead. Practice holding your breath underwater and get comfortable with not having oxygen. Work on floating and balance so you’re not fighting the water. With a little effort you’ll understand how to use your core to maintain balance in the water. Gaining that comfort provides the foundation to meet new challenges in the pool.

Success in swimming also requires some thought and effort outside of the water. Your choices in the kitchen will play a role.

“Swimming takes so much energy and the food that you put in your body is your fuel,” Brown said.

Brown uses BiPro to meet her protein needs.

She’s a big fan of BiPro ELITE™ chocolate protein powder whether it’s for shakes or mixed into her overnight oats. It provides the clean protein she needs to build muscle and recover after workouts. What’s absent from the powder is just as important to Brown.

It’s NSF Certified, meaning the only ingredients you’ll find in the powder are also found on the label.

“I’m really picky about my protein powder, and I love BiPro because it doesn’t contain anything that shouldn’t be there,” she said.