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A Fresh Start Begins in the Kitchen

Lose weight, eat less junk foodThey top many lists of New Year's resolutions. But sticking with those good intentions is just not easy. If you're looking to change your eating habits, you are better off going with one small change at a time. One of the best places to start is your kitchen. Here are some tips for setting yourself up for success to crush your nutritional goals: 

Purge your fridge and cabinets of temptations.

A first step in eating right is getting prepared. Go through your fridge and pantry and toss the super-unhealthy stuff you want to eat less of. Then, get ready to cook healthy meals by stocking your pantry with healthy-cooking essentials like coconut oil, 100 calorie portion-sized snacks, fresh fruits & vegetables (not from a can!).

Meal prep when it's convenient for you.

Just make sure it's ahead of time, not the day of.  If you are a planner, meal prep probably consists of organizing and creating a week's worth of meals, which is a great approach! However, it's only one way of doing things. If it's too difficult to plan a week out, try meal prepping every 2-3 days or the night before. It will save you the frustration of waking up the next morning and worrying about what you're going to eat for the day. 

Get the whole family involved. 

If you have older kids or a spouse who doesn't want to eat what you eat, ask them to take a leadership role in cooking for the household. Their help will allow you to focus on your own nutritional needs instead of being responsible for feeding everyone else. Also, if the weather is nice, consider starting a family garden. Whether you have a half-acre or a balcony, have your family help plant some tomatoes in a 5-gallon bucket or plant fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme, or chives. 

Consistency is just as good as perfection. Always remember, you don't have to be perfect at your approach; just be as consistent as possible. If you skipped a meal because you were too busy, keep convenient snacks nearby. BiPro has to-go packets of protein powder in chocolate and vanilla, making it easy to add to a bottle of water, wherever you are. For more info, click here to explore your to-go options.