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14 Ways to Love Your Workout

Sure, we work out because we want the physical results that only exercise can bring. But is it really worth all the effort if we’re miserable along the way?

They say the journey is the reward, and it holds true for so many who’ve dedicated themselves to fitness and healthier lifestyles.

Don’t just tolerate your workout -- make sure you’re loving it.

All of us approach fitness from a different place and your workout is up to you. For some, it’s a daily walk. For others, it may be training for a marathon. It starts with a goal and the motivation to reach it. Regardless of your goal, you’re staring down a major hurdle if you don’t love what you’re doing. To reach our goals, we need to achieve many smaller milestones along the way. Here are 14 ways to get yourself to love your workout. Success means loving the travel as much as the destination.

Ease yourself in: If you’re new to exercise, there’s risk in pushing too hard too quickly. It’s OK to be a beginner. Work out according to your comfort level and pay attention to your body. Heed the instruction when your body says, “Enough!” If you keep at it, you’ll be working out longer, harder and faster before you know it. Don’t force the issue. Nothing will sour your attitude toward fitness like significant pain or injury when you’re still in the early steps of your journey.

Find what you enjoy: Some enjoy a long run. Others enjoy cardio kickboxing. Try a variety of activities and determine what you find satisfying. Build your workouts accordingly. It isn’t work if you’re having fun.

Make it a habit: The more you think about it, the more likely you are to make excuses. Make exercise a part of your routine. If you can make workouts part of day just as making breakfast, brushing your teeth and going to work, you’re going to be less apt to talk yourself out of that valuable activity.

Stay entertained: Your workout is a great time for multitasking, and there’s no requirement to keep your eyes focused on the statistics running across your treadmill screen. Catch up on a favorite podcast while sweating away. Some people have chosen a binge-worthy television program and made the commitment to only watch while on the elliptical. Of course, there’s also nothing wrong with a good playlist of motivating music to push you to the finish line.

Put it in your calendar: Lack of time is one of the main barriers for so many things we’d like to accomplish. Health should be a priority. Put exercise in your calendar and don’t feel guilty about using that block of time as intended. By scheduling your workouts, you can better focus on the task at hand.

Shift your attitude: Stop telling yourself that your workout is something you have to do. Get in the mindset that it’s something you want to do. Think of the gym as a refuge. It’s a welcoming place where you can step outside of the hectic day and get away from your email for a while. If you had a stressful day, use the gym as a place to relieve stress and get out all that negative energy.

Make it a game: All of us have a bit of a competitive streak. While working out, use it to your advantage and compete against yourself. See if you can break your record for sit-ups, for calories burned or minutes spent on the stair climber.

Switch things up: Even the most patient among us will get bored if they continue to do the same things day after day and month after month. Change up your routine from time to time. Those changes will be good for your physical progress, but will also keep you interested.

Change your scenery: Just as your workout doesn’t need to be the same every day, it doesn’t always need to be in the same place. Break out of the gym and bring it outdoors. Enjoy some yoga at the park or take a jog down a nature trail. Listen to the birds, feel the sun on your skin and enjoy the breeze on your face.

Recognize your progress: Keep track of the milestones. It always helps your morale to know the work is making a difference. Even the small changes feel good. You might notice growth in endurance. You might notice you’re sleeping better at night or have a lesser stress load. Be mindful of the good things that develop from your hard work.

Take a break: You’ve been pushing really hard of late and you can feel it in every last muscle. If you need a few days to recover, make sure to take it. Pushing ahead opens a risk of injury, as well as a risk of dreading your time at the gym.

Reward yourself: We’re working toward our larger goals, but it doesn’t hurt to set some smaller ones along the way. Celebrate your accomplishments. Did you reach a weight loss benchmark? Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some new workout clothes. Did you set a new record on the treadmill today? It’s a great reason to stop off for a delicious and nourishing smoothie on the way home.

Make it social: Finding a workout buddy can offer a tremendous push toward your goals. Everything is more fun when done with friends. By working out together, you’re also holding one another accountable.

Fuel your body the right way: Eat healthy, nourishing foods that will combine with exercise to speed your progress. Include BiPro in your diet. Our protein powders and water provide the clean protein your body needs without artificial ingredients, sugars and unnecessary fillers.