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Youth Sports Summit Shows BiPro’s Commitment to Adolescent Nutrition

Polly Olson (right), vice president of new business development, sales and marketing for BiPro USA, presents on nutrition at Positive Coaching Alliance-Minnesota’s Youth Sports Summit next to Deborah Edwards.

Dozens of parents and coaches filed into Whitney MacMillan Auditorium last week to learn about the best practices for developing young athletes at Positive Coaching Alliance-Minnesota’s Youth Sports Summit – and nutrition was at the forefront of the discussion.

The inaugural event began with a presentation from Polly Olson, vice president of new business development, sales and marketing for BiPro USA, on protein’s important role in athletics.

“Nutrition is so critical in sports today, especially for young athletes whose muscles are rapidly developing and need to be replenished,” Olson said. “People need to consume adequate protein throughout their lifecycle and that starts at childhood.”

BiPro is the ideal supplement for athletes of all ages because of its purity and short ingredient list. Unflavored BiPro ELITE contains no sugars, fats or carbohydrates and is comprised solely of whey protein isolate and sunflower lecithin.

After Olson’s presentation, an esteemed panel consisting of former professional football player Ben Leber, former professional baseball player Corey Koskie, sports psychologist Rick Aberman and Positive Coaching Alliance Chief Impact Officer Tina Syer engaged in a discussion on issues in youth sports.

Left to right: Rick Aberman, Ben Leber, Corey Koskie and TIna Syer discuss the best practices for raising great people through sports.

Leber, BiPro USA’s official endorser, touched on multiple hot topics including managing parents’ expectations.

“My kids won’t feel like they have to live up to something athletically,” he said. “It’s not about sports. It’s about raising respectable kids. That’s all I care about as a parent.”

Aberman, Koskie and Syer echoed similar sentiments and also stressed the importance of children not specializing in sports too early on in life. Not only can specialization limit one’s skillset, but it can also take some of the fun out of sports because there is less variety.

“What’s happening is we’re getting kids skilled in one area and not others,” Aberman said. “That’s one of the drawbacks of specialization.”

The Positive Coaching Alliance’s mission is to develop “Better Athletes, Better People.” The national non-profit organization does so by “working to provide all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience.”

The Youth Sports Summit was effective in showing attendees how to approach issues in youth sports. These adolescent physical activities are designed to promote a healthy and nutrition-filled lifestyle that BiPro USA values. Youth sports also teach children life lessons and are supposed to be enjoyable.

“My own experience was about fun,” Leber said as the event concluded. “Sports weren’t sports. They were play.”

To learn more about the Youth Sports Summit and BiPro, check out Positive Coaching Alliance-Minnesota’s event page or BiPro USA’s FAQ section.

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