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Why You Should Use a Protein Supplement High in Leucine

You can find protein powder in all kinds of varieties from whey to pea, soy, rice and more. But not all protein supplements are created equal. One of the many benefits of using a whey protein isolate like BiPro is its high leucine content.  

A study from Nutrition & Metabolism recently highlighted the unique benefits of leucine, one of the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). According to the study’s findings, leucine has a large impact on muscle protein synthesis (MPS). MPS is the process of repairing broken down muscles, which allows them to grow and in turn help you get stronger.

“The key amino acid triggering the rise in MPS is leucine,” the researchers wrote. “As such, ingested proteins with a high leucine content would be advantageous in triggering a rise in MPS.”

BiPro products contain 2.3 to 2.5g of leucine per serving, offering an optimal amount required to trigger MPS. That’s something you won’t find from many other protein supplements as whey is the protein source with the most leucine!

“The protein source with the highest leucine content is whey, which contains about 10% leucine,” according to Nutrition Express. “Other protein supplements like casein and soy contain less leucine, about 8%.” 

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