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Why BiPro Protein Water is Perfect After Cycling Workouts

After taking a few months off of racing to recover from a health setback, Jessica Broderick is back competing. The pro triathlete is healthy and rejuvenated, working gradually to return to top form with a specific training program tailored to individual sustainability, and a focus on nutrition and post-workout recovery with BiPro Protein Water

“Being a multi-sport athlete is challenging in a lot of ways from a recovery standpoint. I need something that I can rely on that will help me recover from sessions within a day, which is why I use BiPro,” Broderick said. “With my training routine, I’ve always believed that it’s swim, bike, run, recovery and repeat. Recovery is almost like the fourth discipline for me.” 

Broderick’s workouts in Southern California consist of trail runs, open water swims in the Pacific Ocean, race-specific cycling workouts, and more. One of her favorite things about BiPro Protein Water is how refreshing and tasty it is – the perfect go-to after a session on a warm day when she is dehydrated and her muscles need a whey protein boost. 

In her first competition back, the Montreal World Cup on August 7, Broderick struggled during the cycling component, feeling out of place and rusty after nearly a year off from racing. In the weeks following, Broderick put an emphasis on sharpening her cycling skills, which she feels paid off in her next race in Edmonton, Canada on September 4.

“I still have a long way to go, but I did a lot of things better on the bike in Edmonton,” Broderick said. “I was more aggressive, felt more confident riding in a group and executing technical sections. Just a few weeks of work made a big difference, and I will continue to build from here.”

Broderick is back in Poway, California now for a training block to prepare for late season World Cups in Asia. She is working diligently with her coach, Paulo Sousa, to continue with the upward trajectory, and recovery is a large component of ensuring that moving forward. 

“BiPro is a huge part of my routine now. I love the BiPro Protein Water and the fact that I can rehydrate and get clean protein at the same time is a bonus,” Broderick said. “The peach and lemon flavors are perfect post-workout, and great after a warm training day.”

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