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Why a Top Athletic Trainer Recommends BiPro to Youth Hockey Players

As an athletic trainer for one of the top youth hockey programs in the country, Jason Hodges is very involved in his athletes’ health. When players get sick or hurt, he’s there with solutions to help them get back on the ice as quickly as possible.

One of the best ways to prevent injuries and illnesses is through proper nutrition. Hodges strongly advises the teenage hockey players he works with to eat right.

“Nutrition is huge for us. We work with teenagers who are growing like crazy and are hungry all the time. They have school and workouts, so they’re constantly busy,” Hodges said. “We have to make sure that they’re well-fed and have the best fuel to make sure they can excel in everything they do.”

Hodges has made BiPro ELITE a major component of his players’ diets. As a high quality whey protein isolate with minimal ingredients, BiPro ELITE is NSF Certified for Sport®. That means the product is tested by a third party to ensure that it’s safe and free of banned substances. BiPro’s minimal ingredients, high purity and NSF certification make it the protein powder for hockey players looking for an extra edge.

“BiPro is a great product. The biggest thing is that it’s NSF certified. That’s very important to us, because our kids are drug tested. Having the assurance that the supplements they’re taking are free of banned substances is huge,” Hodges said. “Number two, it’s a good product. BiPro is a clean, quality product that’s diverse. It can be used in multiple situations like shakes and different meals. There aren’t fillers. It’s just clean protein. That helps us monitor what our players are consuming. They really like it and say it tastes good.”  

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