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Whey protein at the top in nutritional quality

There are plenty of protein options on the market, but like all products, they vary in quality.

For those seeking a complete protein with optimum digestibility, the answer is clear. Whey protein is a top choice to obtain all the associated benefits of consumption from muscle recovery to a stronger immune system.

The Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score, or PDCAAS, is the current accepted measure of protein quality. It was set as the official standard in 1993 by the US FDA and the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations/World Health Organization. The scores compare the amino acid compositions of proteins to our dietary needs.

Whey protein, with a score of 1.0, is at the top of the scale. It includes all nine essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce on their own.

Whey joins casein, soy and egg among proteins with a 1.0 score, which indicates amino acid amounts that are 100% or more of what our bodies require. It’s a level of quality that isn’t found in most plant-based proteins. Pea protein, for instance, has a score of 0.82 while tree nuts score at just less than 0.50.

Though whey protein in general is recognized as a superior source of nutrition, purity is another factor to consider when choosing the right product for your lifestyle needs. Not all whey protein products are created equal.

BiPro® products provide clean protein without artificial ingredients, sugars or unnecessary fillers. Our high-quality whey protein also includes high levels of the three branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs, which are crucial to repair and build muscle. Whether you’re an athlete, receiving treatment or just trying to treat your body better, BiPro has a line to give you all the benefits of whey protein with little else.

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