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Tips for Sticking to a New Diet or Exercise Routine

Sticking to a new diet or exercise routine isn’t easy. All kinds of things can knock you off course from reaching your fitness goals. But here are two of our favorite tips for staying on track:

Meal prep – When you’re busy it’s pretty easy to opt for an unhealthy meal choice like fast food to save time. Cook several meals on Sunday to prepare for the upcoming week, wrap them up and leave them in the fridge so that they keep for a few days. Then, just microwave them whenever you need a quick and healthy meal! Pasta, stew and chicken stir fry are all great options. If you need something quick while on the go, try making a batch of our BiPro protein bites.

Write out a workout schedule – We can’t stress how helpful this is. Writing a schedule not only helps you commit to working out each day, but also plan out what parts of the body you’re going to focus on and when. Try to exercise different parts of the body on different days for best results. For instance, you could do a leg workout Monday, core on Tuesday and upper body on Wednesday to ensure that you give your legs enough time to recover before working them out again on Thursday or Friday. And after you work out, don’t forget to have a whey protein isolate shake to help your muscles recover!

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