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Three Ways BiPro Can Help You Spring Toward Health

Birds are chirping, snow is melting and daylight saving time is in full effect. With the spring season upon us, this is a great opportunity to get outside and focus on your health. BiPro protein isolate is the perfect companion to a variety of healthy lifestyles. Here are three ways BiPro can help you spring toward health!    

1. Gain lean muscle from your cardio workouts.

Think that protein shakes are going to bulk you up and make you gain a ton of weight? With BiPro, that’s not necessarily the case. Our slogan is “Lean. Clean. Protein.” A scoop of BiPro still packs 20 grams of protein, helping to refuel muscles that are taxed from cardio workouts.

Many professional athletes trust BiPro to power them through their endurance sports. Check out the links below to see how BiPro helps Jordan Hasay, Renée Tomlin and Jessica Broderick recover from their long, grueling cardio sessions.

Jordan Hasay’s Post-Run Workout Routine

Inside The Taxing Workout Routine of Pro Triathlete Renée Tomlin

Triathlete Jessica Broderick Uses BiPro to Refuel from Three Sports

2. Get the most out of your strength training.

While BiPro’s efficient profile makes it a great supplement for cardio, it’s also ideal for athletes going through strength training. As one of our recent blog posts outlines, whey is an ideal protein source when compared to other powder sources. BiPro stands out from other whey proteins because it offers minimal ingredients, so people know exactly what they’re putting into their body.

Former professional football players, Paul Posluszny and Chad Greenway, explain why they choose BiPro.

3. BiPro can help you eat healthier – even if you’re not a serious athlete.

Not looking to run a marathon or hit the weight room seven days per week? That’s fine with us. BiPro can help you maintain a balanced diet and promote muscle health no matter your activity level. Our whey protein is perfect for bariatric surgery patients recovering from weight-loss surgery, aging individuals fighting sarcopenia and parents who want to sneak some extra protein into their kids’ meals. Check out BiPro’s recipes page for usage ideas!   

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