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This Small Diet Change Took a Physique Competitor’s Training to the Next Level

When Rachel Mavison finished up a recent workout, her coach asked her a loaded question:

“Are you on steroids?”

As a physique competitor, Mavison has long followed a strict diet and training regimen. But in 2017 she’s gotten stronger and leaner than ever, leading her coach to believe she was cheating.

Mavison’s workout routine hasn’t changed this year and no, she’s not using steroids. But a few months into the New Year she did make a small diet change. Mavison replaced the protein supplement she had been using with BiPro Whey Protein Isolate.

“My coach couldn’t believe how much progress I’ve made this year. My muscles are popping out more,” Mavison said. “Personally, I feel like my muscles and body are much happier since I started taking BiPro.” 

Rachel Mavison push-up

Mavison’s diet is light, but packed with proteins, healthy fats and vegetables. Her go-to breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal and a BiPro protein shake, which satisfies her appetite until lunch and helps her muscles recover from the previous night’s workout. Lunch is usually tuna, avocado and cauliflower rice. For dinner, Mavison commonly eats chicken with broccoli.

And right after workouts? She’s always got BiPro Protein Water in hand. One bottle packs 20 grams of clean protein in just 90 calories with zero grams of sugar, fat or carbohydrate.

Rachel Mavison protein shake

A consistent workout routine and healthy diet have Mavison in peak shape for her next physique show, the Natural Badger Classic. In the last five months, she’s cut more than nine percent of her body fat, developed more lean muscle and greatly improved in the weight room.

Mavison started using BiPro while interning for the brand. She leads BiPro’s street team, sampling protein water and protein shakes to health-conscious people at fitness events. Mavison’s passion for BiPro is evident when she meets new people who haven’t tried her favorite protein products. After all, she’s seen firsthand how proper nutrition can take someone’s health and training to the next level.

“I used other protein drinks in the past, but they tasted terrible and made me feel bloated,” Mavison said. “BiPro’s flavors are great and the product has helped me be a better athlete.”

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