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This Ingredient can Take Your Strength Training to the Next Level

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts have been using protein supplements for years after hitting the weights to optimize the benefits of a workout. Protein is ideal for repairing broken down muscles, helping them recover and grow. But what you consume before strength training can also improve your performance in the weight room. A body of research has shown that pre-workout caffeine can take strength training to the next level.

Increase muscular force and strength

A study examined Brazilian Jiu-jitsu athletes, who were measured doing a variety of jumping and weightlifting tests. The researchers found that athletes who consumed caffeine before the workout had greater muscular force, power and endurance strength.

Build a stronger upper body

Caffeine may also enhance the effects of upper-body exercises. Work from The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research journal noted that caffeine consumption right before an upper body workout improves performance. The same study also found that caffeine can make people feel less sore from a workout.

Improve bench press and squat power

Caffeine may also help you develop more explosive, powerful movements. Another study found that the right amount of a caffeinated energy drink can significantly improve upper-body and lower-body strength for exercises such as bench press and the half squat.

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