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11/05/2010 - The Science of BiPro Whey Protein

Bottom line – We love BiPro and I know many of you do too. It really gets us moving in the morning and helps keep us energized throughout the day. But do you know what makes BiPro whey protein isolate different? We went to the expert – Laurie Davis, our Director of Analytical Research and Application Sciences – for the scoop on the science behind BiPro.

First, we tackled what makes BiPro whey protein different from other protein powders. Laurie says what sets BiPro apart is that it’s pure isolated whey protein without any added fillers, flavors or sweeteners. BiPro is also the only pure whey protein product on the market that is NSF Certified for Sport. To get that designation a product is tested and then certified that it contains only what is declared on the label and no banned substances.

Our favorite part of what makes BiPro unique? It also has little to no flavor, so you really can add it to any food or drink to boost the amount of protein you’re getting. You can check out a bunch of our recipes here.

Don’t forget that BiPro is also a whey protein isolate – that means it has at least 90% protein. Compare that to the most common whey protein concentrate – which is 80% protein and the rest of the 20% can be made up from fat, lactose, minerals and water. That’s a big difference!

Our ion-exchange technology also sets BiPro apart from other whey protein. Laurie says, “the ion-exchange technology is used to isolate and purify the whey protein. Only the pure protein is isolated in the process allowing for the highest level of purity, and lowest levels of lactose, fat and minerals.” The majority of the lactose, fat and minerals are washed away in the process, leaving just the pure protein. Other technologies just separate the proteins from other components based on size – it’s less specific and that’s why you get a lower level of protein in the final powder.

We had to get one more thing explained – and that’s the ionization process within that technology. It’s like a home water softener system, according to Laurie, but in the case of whey, the proteins are attracted to the resin and the lactose, fat and minerals are removed to purify the protein stream.

It’s quite a process – and it’s one we’re very proud of. We’re happy to offer such a pure, healthy product to let you be the best you can be!

How do you love using BiPro whey protein? Leave a comment and let us know – we love to hear from you!

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