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The Scariest Halloween Monster of All: A Protein-Deficient Zombie

Halloween is filled with frightening things. There are witches, goblins and even ghouls. While those creatures are all kinds of spooky, there’s something that puts a much bigger scare in us at BiPro: People who don’t eat enough protein.

Protein-deficient people suffer from unfortunate side effects that can take them from a cheerful trick-or-treater to a cranky zombie wandering through the neighborhood for candy. Be safe this Halloween and recognize if you’re turning into a protein-deficient zombie before it’s too late!

Signs you’re turning into a protein-deficient zombie:

You’re craving sugary foods.

spoon in sugar

According to Women’s Health, “one of protein’s most critical functions is keeping your blood sugar steady.” So, if you don’t consume enough protein your glucose levels can constantly fluctuate and give you the urge to sink your zombified teeth into anything you can find.

You’re feeling weaker.

“The initial effect of low protein intake can be muscle wasting accompanied by increasing weakness,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

You seem to always get sick.

sneezing lady

When you don’t consume enough protein, you can “experience a greater number of infections because your immune system can’t produce enough antibodies or other immune molecules,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Your hair is thinning.


Hair follicles are comprised of protein and need the essential amino acid methionine in order to be produced. “L-cysteine and L-methionine are the sulfur amino acids that form ‘keratin,’ which is the protein structure of hair,” according to Nutrition Express. “These amino acids have been found to increase hair growth by as much as 100 percent.”

Your fingernails don’t look quite right.

Like hair, nails are also comprised of protein. “A protein deficiency can be marked by split, extremely thin nails,” according to Nutrition Express.

Luckily, there’s an antidote that can cure the protein-deficient zombie epidemic. Add a scoop of BiPro pure whey protein to your water, milk, or juice to make sure you are nourished this Halloween!

Just how much protein should you take to avoid becoming a protein-deficient zombie? Enter your information into our protein calculator to find out! For more information about the many benefits of using BiPro as your protein supplement, subscribe to our newsletter.

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