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The Optimum Time to Take Whey Protein

Whey protein is an incredibly versatile nutritional ingredient. Not only can it be used after workouts, but whey protein can also be consumed with breakfast, as a midday snack, with dinner and even right before bed.

But when is the optimum time to take whey protein? That largely depends on who you are and what your health goals are. Check out this guide to figure out the best time for you to have whey protein.

For Becoming a Better Athlete

Whether you’re a professional football player or marathon training, whey protein can help you become a better athlete. Muscles are broken down after just about any type of physical activity and need protein to build themselves back up. That’s how muscles grow and you get stronger.

If you’re an athlete, the optimum time to drink whey protein is right after working out. Try having a BiPro protein shake or a bottle of BiPro Protein Water right after exercise to boost recovery. 

Bulking Up

Increasing protein intake and calorie intake are both important when looking to bulk up. As outlined above, have a serving of protein powder or protein water after a workout. But late at night is an optimal time to have a serving of protein, in addition to after exercise.

The human body typically secretes growth hormone several times per day. A study in the journal Sleep claims that for young adults “a major secretory episode occurs shortly after sleep onset.” Growth hormone aids the growth of bone, muscle and other tissues. Precision Nutrition claims that growth hormone also “stimulates protein synthesis as well as fat metabolism.” Getting a serving of protein in your system right before this growth period that occurs during sleep should further help build muscle and bulk your body up if that’s your goal.

If You’re Managing Weight

No, protein powder isn’t just for bulking up. When taken at the right time, whey protein can also help you slim down. Protein is a natural appetite suppressor, and consuming it can help satisfy your cravings and limit overeating as well as snacking later on in the day.

A high-protein breakfast is especially beneficial for slimming down, so having a protein shake or protein water with a light breakfast is an optimal way to start the day. A study from the University of Missouri found that a high-protein breakfast helps with appetite regulation throughout the day.

Want to take in as few calories as possible in the morning, but still feel nourished? Give some Orange +Caffeine BiPro Protein Water a try. One bottle is just 90 calories with 20 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar, fat or carbohydrate. Better yet, it naturally carries 100mg of caffeine (the equivalent to an eight ounce cup of coffee). Pair the all-in-one drink with a piece of fruit for a filling, protein-packed breakfast that is low in calories and has natural energy.

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