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Study: Whey Protein May Improve Heart Health

The benefits of whey protein are far reaching. It’s perfect for post-workout recovery, may help manage diabetes, strengthen the immune system and even suppress your appetite. But an exciting new study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that whey may also be good for the heart.

The study examined 42 people with mild or pre-hypertension, who were given two shakes per day containing either no protein, casein or whey. Drinking whey, researchers found, resulted in the highest reductions of total cholesterol and overall blood pressure according to Medical Daily.

“The results of this trial are very exciting. It shows the positive impact that dairy proteins can have on blood pressure,” the study’s lead author Dr. Ágnes Fekete said in a statement. "Long-term studies show that people who drink more milk tend to be healthier, but until now, there has been little work to evaluate how dairy proteins affect blood pressure in particular."

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