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Volleyball and Whey Protein

Bump, set, spike! Who’s ready for a game of volleyball? We’re in the middle of volleyball season right now and the girls playing need lots of energy to keep up with the sport!

It’s no surprise energy and endurance are keys to success on the volleyball court. Isn’t it cool to watch how quickly players can get to the net, spike a ball or block a shot? And the matches can be long! The players need a lot of stamina to handle multiple sets.

That’s where proper nutrition and hydration come in. Make sure players are getting enough water. The experts at KidsHealth recommend kids drink water or other fluids every 15 to 20 minutes during physical activity. It’s important to drink afterwards to restore fluid lost through sweat. For athletes working out for more than an hour, you’ll want to use a sports drink to replace electrolytes that they lost while sweating.

You also want to make sure players are getting enough protein to keep them on the court as long as possible and feeling good after the match. Start their day with a smoothie boosted with BiPro whey protein isolate. You can find some of our favorite recipes here. Your athlete may be traveling to their next match or tournament, so why not pack some muffins or energy bars made with whey protein? They will get a great boost from a snack without getting too full to play.

Remember, BiPro is NSF certified for sport! That makes it a great option for any athlete – especially someone looking to play beyond high school.

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