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Quick Ways to Add BiPro to Everyday Foods

BiPro Protein Isolate powder can quickly and easily be added to many of your favorite foods, beverages and recipes. Check out how it can be used in baking, as an egg substitute and a nutritious ingredient that brings any snack or meal to the next level! 

Egg Substitution 

Unflavored BiPro is an excellent egg replacement. As a general rule, use the following suggested substitution, but the amount of water may need to be slightly adjusted depending on the recipe.

1 Egg = 2 Tbsp. BiPro Whey Protein + 2 fluid ounces water (1/4 cup)


Increase the protein level of your favorite baked good recipes by adding 1/3 cup of BiPro whey protein to the dry mixture and preparing as directed. BiPro may also be added to retail bakery mixes including cake, quick breads and brownies. Again, add 1/3 cup BiPro whey protein to the dry mixture and prepare as directed.

Quick and Easy Uses

Add BiPro whey protein directly to foods and beverages according to the following suggested guidelines.

BiPro Quick Use guide

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