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Pro Pole Vaulter Kaitlin Petrillose’s Protein-Packed Yogurt

Professional pole vaulter Kaitlin Petrillose often finds herself on the move. She has strength exercises in the weight room. Conditioning workouts on the track. Drills to improve her pole vault technique. With so many things to get to, the record-setting Texan needs a breakfast that’s nutritious but also quick and easy to prepare.


  1. ½ scoop of unflavored BiPro ELITE
  2. 1 cup of yogurt
  3. ½ cup of oats


  1. Scoop yogurt into bowl
  2. Mix BiPro into the yogurt until it reaches a smooth consistency
  3. Add oats to the bowl and enjoy!

“There’s already some protein in yogurt, so I didn’t need to put in a full scoop of BiPro but adding that half scoop to gives me the extra protein I need without adding more yogurt, which would lead to added carbs and sugars,” Petrillose said.

Pro Pole vaulter Kaitlin Petroillose  

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