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Power-boosted Protein Breakfasts with ProTeam’s Reilly Brown

The great breakfast debate – should you or shouldn’t you? We think “yes!” and have some great reasons to help back that up. No matter what you have planned, taking in a routine breakfast can help you feel mentally and physically prepared to take on the day. An ideal breakfast is a balance of protein, whole grains, healthy fat and fruits and/or vegetables. Of important note, whey protein isolate can help you start your day off feeling satiated, which is a technical way of saying you feel satisfyingly full. Additionally, when you are able to take in a clean source of protein, the satiety isn’t a fleeting feeling. Like other forms of naturally occurring proteins, whey protein isolate can provide a sustained fullness which can ultimately lead to less sporadic and impulsive snacking throughout the day. But what if you’re not hungry in the morning?If you’re not hungry in the morning, it is a good time to take a look at the rest of your eating behaviors and timeframes. Lack of hunger in the morning can point to problems such as excessive late night snacking. Your body and health will benefit if you can consciously work towards putting those night-time cravings at bay and allow your body’s timeclock — and hunger cues — to readjust.* It’s also important to note that if you’ve been skipping for a while, you may have inadvertently trained your body to not seek breakfast in the morning. Starting off small will help your body readjust more gradually. 

Side note: Interested to find out what your ideal daily protein intake is? Use BiPro’s Protein Calculator.

No doubt, your schedule for the day and craziness in the morning will impact how much prepping you want to put into your breakfast but have no fear, convenience is something we’re all over! We paired up with Sports Nutritionist, Reilly Brown to put 3 amazing protein-fueled, no-fuss breakfast recipes in your hands! Recipes work well with BiPro BOLD™, BiPro ELITE™ or BiPro RENEW™.

  1. Nutty Greens Smoothie
  2. Overnight Oats
  3. Protein-Packed Toast

Only have a few minutes? It doesn’t get much easier than throwing everything into a blender in order to have a portable power-packed breakfast. An unexpected bonus of this recipe is that it puts youroverflowingzucchini-patch to work! After blending, pour this Nutty Greens Smoothie into your fav to-go mug and get on your way!

Note: for this recipe, consider splitting it with a friend/spouse/family member if your activity level is low-moderate. If you’re training hard or seeking to make gains, this can be one fuel-filled serving!

Great for the whole family! What do we love best about this Overnight Oats recipe? Two things really:

  1. Jars can be prepped ahead of time making the morning juggle go a little smoother, no matter how many people you’re serving!
  2. This is the perfect protein-filled base for anyone in the family. Flavors and toppings (like chocolate chips, blueberries or coconut) can transform this simple recipe into everyone’s customizable favorite. 

Take a minute to digest the day ahead with this Protein Packed Toast. You know that good nutrition is all about balance and this layered Protein Packed Toast doesn’t disappoint. Sometimes breakfast doesn’t feel complete without and egg and toast but this twist on toast provides an extra boost of protein by mixing in a clean source of unflavored whey protein isolate with cottage cheese. Pull up a chair, have some coffee and enjoy! 

Heading to the gym? Fueling up before a morning workout will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your session. If you have an intensive workout, you can also benefit by taking in some additional nutrients afterwards for muscle recovery. If you need something quick and refreshing, try BiPro® Protein Water

Don’t forget, quality counts! Well-respected by experts in nutrition,whey Proteins are known to be a complete source of essential amino acids and the leading source of leucine.* These important elements are key in helping to build lean muscle, aid in weight management, assist in recovery, maintain muscle mass and more. Available at approachable price points, you don’t need to sacrifice quality to get the best source possible. Check out our compare charts to find the best BiPro® product for you! 


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