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Our Nutritionist Can Answer Your Protein Questions

There is more information readily available than ever in the digital age. Anyone can look up how to spell “whey protein” or “exercise” in a flash by using a search engine. But when it comes to health-related questions, sometimes the Internet churns out so many answers it can be difficult to sort through the noise and find the truth.

Luckily for fitness and health enthusiasts, BiPro USA has a solution. Ask our nutritionist

When is the best time to have whey protein after working out?

What are some good high-protein snacks that are easy to prepare? We have some great recipes you should try.

How much protein should I be ingesting per day?

Our nutritionist will answer all of these questions and more.

We are always available to answer any questions and can be reached via phone at 1-877-692-4776 or email:

Please also visit our FAQ page for more whey protein answers.

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