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Ramp Up Your Holiday Workout

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! With stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and pies, there’s a lot of food to tempt you! And let’s face it…it’s Thanksgiving – You’re not going to turn down a plate of this delicious fare. What’s a girl to do?! Well, for starters, don’t panic! With these tips and tricks, you can still manage to have a happy (and somewhat healthy!) holiday workout images

Set reasonable goals

 If you know you can’t get in five workouts during a holiday week, shoot for three. 

Work a little harder

Ramp up you workout the days leading up to Thanksgiving. If you work out just 15 extra minutes for four days, that’s another hour of exercise for the week! Even the little things like parking farther away from the entrance at work, taking the stairs at the mall, or doing a lap around the grocery store before you check out can make a difference.Waffles Made with BiPro Protein Powder

Eat a wholesome breakfast

The food you consume in the morning gives you fuel to tackle the day, dictates your energy level and impacts overall well-being.  A protein-packed breakfast can also help regulate your appetite. Be sure to eat healthy foods like oatmeal, yogurt and snacks like baby carrots and string cheese the day of your big meal. Don’t sit down at the dinner table without having eaten the whole day. You’re bound to overeat, go overboard on your calorie intake, and be too sluggish to move the rest of the day.
Pumpkin Cheesecake

Plan out your menu

Make substitutions where you can. Can your stuffing be made with whole grain bread? How about using fat-free chicken broth to baste the turkey and make your gravy? What can you do to reduce the amount of sugar, oil, and butter in each of your recipes? Try my pumpkin cheesecake for a lighter spin on the traditional dessert!

Limit your portions

Yes, all that homemade goodness is wonderful and super tasty, but maybe fill up on that lean, roasted turkey and focus on taking just one spoonful of everything else to start. There will be plenty of leftovers, and you’ll probably be eating turkey and sides for a few days to come, so take it easy with that first serving.Sweet potatoes made with BiPro

Don’t deny yourself

No one will deny you another scoop of sweet potatoes or that slice of pecan pie for dessert, so don’t deny yourself. Just slow down when you eat and really think about what you’re eating. Savor each bite. Talk with the family members sitting around the table. Give your brain a minute to catch up with your stomach, then stop eating once you’re full.
Winter Running

Get your family and friends involved

If you’re having guests over for the holiday, go out for a walk together while the turkey is in the oven. The more, the merrier, right!?

Thanksgiving only comes once a year, so make it a great day! Just don’t throw away all of your hard work on one meal…you’ll have to start working on those New Year’s Resolutions in just a few weeks! Happy Turkey Day!

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