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New Year’s Weight Loss Tips: Dieting

January is an incredibly important month when it comes to developing healthy habits. So, on top of our 31 Ways in 31 Days promotion, BiPro USA is launching a weekly blog series that will be published every Wednesday in the month of January. We’re going to provide you with five tips each week that can help you on your weight loss journey and make your New Year’s resolutions come to life.


This first installment is all about dieting. Check out the five tips below:

1) Take your time

Eating food slowly is a great way to limit overeating and make you feel more satisfied after a meal. Take your time when you eat and focus on consuming healthy-sized portions.

2) Hydrate

According to Authority Nutrition, multiple studies suggest that water can temporarily boost your metabolism and reduce your appetite. On top of those claims, drinking water is a great way to stay sharp and energetic.

3) Limit your sugar intake

Sugary drinks and snacks taste great – there’s no denying that. But they can be detrimental to your health and weight loss goals. Instead of eating cookies in the afternoon, try a healthy snack like some nuts or fruit.

4) Have enough for breakfast

People who eat very little in the morning can become much more prone to snacking on unhealthy foods and overeating at meals later on in the day. If you’re crunched for time, eat something small on the go like an energy bar and drink a BiPro whey protein shake. A serving of BiPro contains 20-23 grams of protein.

5) Eat more protein

According to Authority Nutrition, “protein is the single most important nutrient when it comes to losing weight.” High-protein diets have been shown to increase metabolism and make people feel more satiated – lowering the chances of overeating.

For more weight-loss tips, check back on the BiPro USA blog next Wednesday to view a post on exercise. Have any specific nutrition questions? You can ask our nutritionist.

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