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NC State Used BiPro to Create Its Own Protein Drink

BiPro has tons of uses. It’s consumed after workouts by professional athletes. It can be mixed with all kinds of foods to create protein-packed meals. It’s an ideal supplement for people watching their weight because it contains no fats, carbohydrates, or sugars.

It can also be used to further product innovation at universities, as an article in Wednesday’s edition of the Technician, NC State University’s student newspaper, pointed out. Howling Cow, which produces dairy products for the university, used BiPro to create a new protein drink for athletes called Power Pack.

According to the article, Power Pack contains BiPro whey protein isolate, low-fat chocolate milk, granulated pure cane sugar and cocoa. The beverage is a viable option for student-athletes, the article states, because it stays within the “NCAA-mandated 30 percent protein limit.”

“Many of our athletes love it,” NC State University Sports Nutrition Director Diana Nguyen told the Technician. “It’s not just for football; it’s not just for basketball. I don’t recommend it to all my athletes, but for many of them, it is a good option for recovery. So, we’ll continue to order it all year long.”

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