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M’Kelle Tomberlin’s Weightlifting Tips

As a competitive weightlifter, M’Kelle Tomberlin knows her way around the weight room. She not only teaches strength training classes, but also competes in Olympic-style weightlifting with some of the strongest women in the country. At 140 pounds, Tomberlin can snatch 192 pounds, clean and jerk 230 pounds and squat 290 pounds. Tomberlin, a BiPro ELITE™  Whey Protein Isolate user, shared some of her weightlifting tips to help others become as accomplished in the weight room as she is:

  1. Learn proper technique right away: “That way, you can get the most out of your lifts, be safe and efficient,” Tomberlin said.
  2. Have a game plan: “It’s important to have a strategy when you get in the gym,” Tomberlin explained. Set goals and then do research to make sure you’re doing the right lifts to accomplish your goals.
  3. Ease into it: “If you’re just starting weightlifting, allow your body to adapt and adjust. Let yourself recover before jumping into the next session. That can help prevent injuries,” Tomberlin said.
  4. Speed up your recovery: “I love drinking BiPro to help my muscles recover after a workout. I sometimes drink BiPro Protein Water during my workouts too. It’s also important to get enough sleep and eat well overall. On top of that, stretching is critical,” she added.

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