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05/20/2011 - How Whey Protein Benefits Gastric Bypass Patients

For those who have experienced life threatening or debilitating struggles with their weight, gastric bypass surgery may prove to be the solution they have been waiting for.
Gastric bypass surgery makes the stomach smaller and allows food to bypass part of the small intestine. This makes you feel full more quickly, resulting in fewer calories being consumed.
Bypassing part of the intestine also results in fewer calories being absorbed, ultimately leading to significant weight loss.

After surgery, patients need to be very conscious of their diet and exercise choices. Strenuous activity should be avoided until after the patient has healed, however light exercise, such as walking should begin immediately after surgery.
Vigorous exercise will be gradually introduced after six to eight weeks.

Following surgery, the patient will need to follow specific eating guidelines. A registered dietitian will work directly with the patient to provide dietary education before and after surgery.
Typically people who have had gastric bypass are advised to consume a balanced diet of high quality protein (i.e. whey protein; BiPro Whey Protein), complex carbohydrates and healthful fats.
Protein supplements, such as BiPro Whey Protein, are also recommended for pre-surgery diets to help prepare the body for surgery and improve the surgery outcome.

High quality protein is very important for post-surgery patients. After surgery, protein helps:
• Reduce muscle loss
• Prevent a reduction in the basal metabolic rate (BMR)
• Prevent hair loss and nutrient deficiencies

High quality protein sources such as pork, chicken, turkey and beef, are often not very well tolerated after gastric bypass surgery, so protein supplements such as BiPro Whey Protein are an ideal way to meet daily protein needs. – Director of Analytic Research and Application Sciences at BiPro USA

Protein intake is typically below recommended levels post-surgery, so BiPro Whey Protein can help increase protein intake to meet the patients’ daily protein requirement.
The best ways for gastric bypass patients to consume BiPro is in smoothies or protein shakes, since they are low in calories and fat, but high in nutrition (patients will discuss with their doctor their specific daily protein need).
Recipes and tips can be found here.

The following recipes have been designed by BiPro USA to meet the dietary needs of gastric bypass patients:













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