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03/07/2011 - Sleep Better with BioZzz

We don’t know about you, but for us there are few things more important in life than a good night’s sleep! Which is why we love BioZzz! Unlike many other sleep aids, BioZzz is safe to take every night.

Plus, you’re still getting all the great benefits of BiPro whey protein isolate! We like to add a little to some orange juice or milk at night after our workout to help us wind down before bed.

We explain more about the great benefits of BioZzz in our video:

"Hey there, I'm BiProUSA girl and today we are going to cover a topic that is very important to everybody, sleep. I'm going to introduce you to BioZzz. If youi haven't visited our website I'm going to walk you through the nutrition label. BioZzz's is a whey protein isolate. It's an alpha-lactalbumin and is naturally rich in tryptophan. We don't add the tryptophan to the whey protein, which is alot of time confuses people. It's naturally found in the whey protein when we are isolating that component and it has one gram of tryptophan in it which is equal to four servings of turkey.
The trytophan content portion is very important. We have BioZzz's versus whey protein isolate, skim milk, whole egg, soy protein and turkey. It has 80 calories and is fat free, carb free, sugar free, lactose free and gluten free just like our unflavored BiPro whey protein isolate. Like I said the tryptophan content is one gram and the alpha-lactalbumin content is sixteen grams."

Sleep tight!

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