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03/03/2011 - Resolution Check-In

It’s finally March!!! For us, March means melting snow (hopefully), warmer temps (hopefully) and the fresh sights and sounds of springtime! All thoughts of the cold and dreary winter should be a thing of the past – but wait a minute, not so fast. Let’s not forget about everything related to winter. Wasn’t there a little promise you made yourself around the first of January? Some may even call it a resolution? How’s that going for you?


New Years resolutions start in January


In my last blog about New Year’s resolutions, I learned that research shows one-third of people will abandon their resolutions by Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re going strong, barely hanging on or completely off the bandwagon now is a good time to check-in on the progress of those resolutions.

Keri Glassman at has some great tips for sticking to that resolution, whatever it is.

Write it down: By writing our goals or resolutions in a journal, we may feel more accountable to them. However, jotting down your notes isn’t just a practical tactic. “Write your resolutions down and put them everywhere as constant reminders: in your wallet, on your desk,” Glassman said. “Read and assess the resolution every day [to help you stay motivated].”
Formulate a Plan B: “If one of your goals is to never eat a bagel again, you are setting yourself up for failure or deprivation,” Glassman said. “Don’t try for drastic changes – that’s a main reason resolutions don’t stick.” For example, if you normally eat out 3 nights a week, it’s probably not realistic to resolve to eat home every single night. Make sure the goals you’re setting are realistic and achievable and if you assess them and realize they aren’t working, compromise with yourself.
Don’t get frustrated if you “mess” up one day: If your goal is to practice healthier eating habits, don’t worry about what you’ll be eating weeks from now. “Take each day and each meal as an individual opportunity to eat well,” said Glassman. “If you fall off the wagon, just get right back on the next day. Then, re-read your resolutions.”
Forgive yourself: Think of every day as a new day- and a new opportunity to set the goals that you wanted to achieve for yourself earlier on in the year. “Do not have a “black and white” attitude about your diet,” said Glassman. “Often people set themselves up for failure rather than success. They make big resolutions and become very unforgiving because they may not succeed. Set your sights high, but lay out a realistic road map to get there.”

So where are you with your New Year’s resolution?

Feel free to share your struggles and successes here and we can all help each other stick to our goals!

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